Digital Publicity / Promotions

eOne ANZ

To raise digital awareness and generate pre-sales of The Walking Dead Season 7 on home entertainment release via the targeted placement of news, giveaways, features and reviews across pop culture, lifestyle, gaming, geek and fanzine publishers.

Our strategy was two-fold, in July we alerted relevant blogs and fan communities to the September release date and details of Season 7′s release. This is typically announced by the online retailers but the strategy this time was to let the fans know first via a targeted media release.

For the second phase in September, all outlets that took part in the original news announcement were offered giveaways for the week of release, that included product and Walking Dead merchandise.

Key Outcomes

• The exclusive nature of the news announcement allowed us to succesfully engage Walking Dead fans across relevant publishers in gaming, horror, tech, geek lifestyle and fanzines

• Key publishers included prominent use of the packshot artwork, including key details of the release, the various formats and linked through to the digital retailer to generate pre-orders

• All outlets that covered the Phase 1 announcement all ran giveaways in the week of release to generate as much awareness as possible, sharing the content to social media and using the campaign hashtags


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