Influencer Outreach

Roadshow Films

To execute a comprehensive influencer outreach campaign for the theatrical release of IT, positioning it as a mainstream release and building a strategy that would drive social conversation, engagement and anticipation in the build-up to release.

We devised an influencer campaign with three tiers of activity. The first was to send influencers a mysterious red box from Pennywise the Clown containing notable props from the film to build early excitement. The second was to work with a select group of top tier influencers to create original content around the key themes of the film. The final tier was to recruit social influencers to attend and post about the preview screenings around the country sharing their experience with their fans.


• The IT social influencer campaign generated over 1.5 million direct social interactions (likes, views, comments, shares)

• Over 50 influencers nationwide were recruited to promote the release of IT

• The Pennywise Red Box activation generated over 50,000 likes across Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

• Highlights from the creative content element of the campaign included Pranksters Debonair Fox generating over 1 million views for their r-rated skit, graphic artist Boss Logic generating over 33,000 likes100,000 views for their video review