Digital Publicity and Promotions

Universal Pictures

To execute a digital campaign that raised mainstream awareness for the theatrical release of THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS, by leveraging the editorial support of digital media publishers and social influencers to target a broad audience of kids, parents, pet owners and casual moviegoers.

In order to create an impactful campaign for Illumination’s latest animated feature, we built a campaign around Australia’s love of pets by targeting influential publications in the animal and pet community as well as working with some of Australian’s leading pet influencers and celebrity pets.

To successfully reach a broader audience, our campaign used a variety of methods to maximise coverage. This included providing access to special event screenings, strategically distributing promotional assets, negotiating promotional giveaways and partnering with influencers creatively to conceive and produce original content around the themes of the film.


PETS became the highest grossing animated film in Australia not associated to a franchise

• Influencer support from Australia’s largest celebrity pets including The Life of Jinkee, Homer Pugalicious, Ned the Cavoodle, Milk Tea Buns and Catmantoo

• Over 25 key national publishers ran campaign materials (videos, imagery) and giveaways to tie in with the film’s release

• Promotional partnership with leading children animator Draw with Jazza to left hand draw his own pets resulted in over 270,000 video views

• Leading pet influencers The Life of Jinkee, Homer Pugalicious and Ned the Cavoodle all produced content based on the central theme of what your pet gets up to when you’re not there!