Influencer Marketing

Universal Pictures

To execute a comprehensive social influencer campaign that targeted and re-energised traditional fans of the franchise and engaged audiences outside of the regular Fast fans.

Across three stages of activity, we leveraged support across a wide range of top tier influencers in relevant genres (automotive, fitness, music, lifestyle, fashion).

Stage 1 V8 Supercars driver Mark Winterbottom exclusively launch The Fate of the Furious trailer across his social channels.

Stage 2 Leading influencers within the automotive, fitness, travel and music genres were engaged to create original content around the themes of the film.

Stage 3 Specially invited influencers attended the premiere screenings and were encouraged to share their experience on social media using the official campaign hashtags


• Over 366,000 organic social media interactions (likes, comments, shares, views) across lifestyle, fitness, travel, automotive and music influencers

• Campaign featured prominent Australian racing talent including Mark Winterbottom,David Reynolds,Adam Marjoram and Andre Heimgartner

• Over 100,000 direct social media interactions from 70 top tier influencers invited to attend the national Premiere screenings

• Fitness guru Jono Castero Acero was engaged to create a Fast and Furious workout video which generated over 180,000 views