Social Activations

Roadshow Films

To conceive and execute an influencer activation that would raise social media awareness and engagement for the theatrical release of The Disaster Artist.

As part of a wider digital campaign, we targeted influential personalities that were fans of The Room and were enthusiastic about The Disaster Artist with customised James Franco T-shirts and film clapperboards, personalised for each influencer.

Influencers were briefed to pose with the items using the official campaign hashtags and recreate famous scenes from The Room. In addition, we arranged for key influencers in each state to have a ‘meet and greet’ with Greg Sestero (author of The Disaster Artist) on his national tour of Australia.


• A strong mix of over 30 leading social influencers took part in the campaign, all sharing the official campaign hashtag #TheDisasterArtist

• The social activation generated over 55,000 organic social media interaction (likes, comments, shares) in the week of release for The Disaster Artist

• Individual activations included leading digital artist Boss Logic creating original artwork that was inspired by the James Franco t-shirt (26,000 likes), which was then shared by The Room’s Tommy Wiseau (see left) and leading Twitch streamer Chad Roberts generating over 10,000 likes for his meet up with Greg Sestero.